Solar PV

What are the benefits of a solar photovoltaic electricity generating system ?

There are many reasons to install solar photovoltaic electricity, from reducing your carbon footprint as well as your annual electricity bills, to minimising the impact of ever increasing energy costs. Although the Feed-in tariff has ended you can still generate an income from your roof by selling excess solar energy to utility companies that are still taking on new domestic solar energy registrations. What’s more, Solar PV systems are easy to fit, guaranteed to last and require minimal maintenance.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar photovoltaic systems are environmentally friendly, using sunlight to produce zero carbon electricity.

Reduce your energy bills

The electricity generated by your system is completely free for you to use. A typical PV system produces around 50% of the electricity a household uses in a year, so your energy costs will be greatly reduced. A Solar Edge system can produce an additional 20-30% more electricity on top of this by making it a smart system.

Get paid to generate renewable energy.

Although the Feed-in tariff has ended you can still earn money for new solar pv installations. Utility companies will pay you for the solar energy you produce and sell to them. At present companies are offering as much as 10p per kWh meaning you earn a significant income from your solar energy as well as save money on your bills.

Limit your reliance on electricity suppliers

It’s no secret that the price of energy has risen steeply in recent years, and with the diminishing supply of natural fossil fuels and growing demand worldwide, this trend is only set to continue. Installing a solar PV system will reduce your dependency on grid-supplied electricity and the large commercial energy companies, whilst minimising the impact of rising energy prices in the years to come.

Long system life and minimum maintenance

With a proven track record, solar PV systems are strongly reliable and require little maintenance as they have no moving parts. Most panels are guaranteed by the manufacturers with a cell warranty of 20-25 years and this, coupled with the long expected lifetime of the overall solar PV system, means that your installation is likely to be providing you with free energy for at least 25 years.

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