Solar PV Plus: getting more out of your solar installation

In this short article we introduce our audience to Solar PV Plus, or “PV+”, a simple-to-install add-on to your existing solar PV system designed to maximise the financial benefits, longevity and stability of the system.

Your Solar PV system will invariably have spikes in its voltage generation which can lead to a shutdown. These spikes are harmful to your electrical appliances and degrade them over time. PV+ will stop this so that the system runs for longer and therefore generates more money from the feed-in tariff and more electricity to use in your home.

By adding a PV Plus you will level out the voltage making your system safer and increasing the operating life of your appliances. The benefits are potentially huge for those on higher tariffs of over 10p considering it can increase your feed-in tariff by up to 20%. For those on lower tariffs it also makes sense to implement PV+ because of the low cost it will still bring you, as well as the extra electricity to use and the appliance safety. The install time is quick as well – merely a few hours work to get the add-on fully installed and operative.

For information about how PV+ has worked for our clients, please send us a message via our Contact Form and we will be delighted to call you to discuss in more detail.

By Ashley Clarke, Director of Green Energy Services Ltd.